Every Day Value

Each Napoli Tailors suit is made fresh, just for you, when you order it.

We don’t carry a pre-made inventory of goods or warehouse “private label” fabrics that we subsequently have to get rid of through a sale. And we don’t have retail stores with inventory that have to move out to make way for the new season. This is the main reason we don’t have sales or do discounting. Instead, we pass the savings—every day—on to you.

So if you’re waiting for a sale to get your first Napoli Tailors suit, don't. If you were to comparison-shop our suit features and fabric selection, you would expect to pay at least two to three times more. But don’t take our word for it. Download our comparison shopping list and use it to compare our standard service and product features to any other suit maker you may be considering.

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In Good Company

We are well known amongst the executives of...